Applied Inspection Services | 0418 250 236
Applied Inspection Services | 0418 250 236
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Applied Inspection Services | 0418 250 236
0418 250 236
t We provide independent, experienced,
quality in-service inspection and
service for pressure equipment.
Applied Inspection Services | 0418 250 236
  Applied Inspection Services inspectors.

• Are certified with the Australian Institute
   For The Certification Of Inspection
   Personnel [A.I.C.I.P]
• Have extensive experience with boiler and
   pressure vessel maintenance and inspection.
• Adhere to a strict code of ethics and
   maintain the appropriate insurance policies.
• Have current confined space training and
   are a Work Place Clearance Group
   [WPCG] accredited contractor.
• Continue professional development in
   both personnel knowledge and
   technology areas.
• Utilise remote visual inspection via flexible and
   or articulated cameras which can view and
   or record areas that are otherwise

Applied Inspection Services also provide a design, project management and upgrades to new and existing steam/condensate piping systems [contact us to find out more]

steam and condensate design
steam and condensate design
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